September 17-18 2022 • Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Ninja’s Cosplay Dojo

For all cosplayers – including the littlest ones.

We believe cosplay should be fun and accessible for everyone, so if portfolios and answering questions on stage feels too intimidating, or you just want a chance to see what it feels like to get up on stage and do a twirl, then Ninja’s Cosplay Dojo is for you!

Strut your stuff on stage without any pressure, and no pre registration required! Just be sure to get in early to sign up on the day (the event will run both Saturday and Sunday, and you may enter in both, though there will be cut offs in place.) This event is open to both adults and children (children need to be supervised and accompanied by a suitable guardian).

Homemade and bought costumes will be accepted, and can be from any source material, not just anime. (This is an all ages event, so please make sure your entry is family-friendly).

Cosplay Dojo 2022 – Terms & Conditions